Located in Luck, Wisconsin, Park's Property Maintenance has been keeping lawns sharp for over 10 years!

When I was 12 years old, I was a very involved student in school as well as a 3 sport athlete. At that time I started my entrepreneurial journey. I started out with the name "Park's Lawn Care" which was just mowing lawns. I didn't have a driver's license for the first 4 years, so I relied on my parents for transportation or just drove my mower from job to job. As I expanded my skills, I changed the name to Park's Property Maintenance which included: more mowing jobs, spring and fall clean ups, dock removals, snowplowing, tree trimming, and many other odd jobs.

My passion has always been in the landscape field because moving dirt, rocks and pavers can create beautiful projects. This passion started when I was young back in my sandbox. I have an eye for how I want a project to look and love to see a plan become reality. Many customers enjoy watching my team and I work because of the passion we put behind everything we do. I love to paint a picture in my head like an artist and create designs the customer really loves!

Helping my customers develop their ideas is our goal. If you can dream it, we can build it!